Finding The Right Halloween Costume


Halloween is a time when you want to be very fun. It is the time to put on your scary, funny costume. When choosing a costume for this occasion, you should get some inspiration from movies and TV shows. The following are some of the things you need to consider:

Choosing Halloween costume

Read fine print

You need to know the costume accessories and pieces before purchasing them. It is advisable to be very careful to list and detail every aspect of the costume. Just like any other consumer good, you need to read the exchange and return policy before you make a purchase.tg2wed6chwe7d28i222

The right size

If you are buying Halloween costume for your child, you should note that the appropriate clothing size is 4 to 6. For women, the sizes are based on the dress sizes and for men, based on the jacket sizes.

Predict the weather

Think of what the weather will be like on the Halloween day. You need a costume that will at least keep you warm. Long-sleeve ones add an extra layer of warmth.

Buy early

You should never wait until last minute to buy Halloween costume. This is the case if you are buying from an online store. In fact, child costumes should be purchased quite early. Some costumes such as Wayne’s World Hat should be ordered in early. You need to estimate the size of the baby on Halloween day and buy early. This should apply for kids and infants too.

Try it on

You do not have to wait till October 31st to put on your costume. Open it and put it on to see the way you will look on that special day. In fact, this is the right way you can make most out of it.

Use makeup

This is a good tip for those that want to save some money. It is easy to change your face using makeup. In this way, you will make the costume look unique if you are planning to attend several Halloween parties. Ensure you follow the right directions and instructions when removing and applying makeup. Also, ensure the makeup you buy is hypoallergenic.tgwedfc6v7huw8ediu2


This is a nice way if you want to add variety. You can add a hat or gloves to make it look quite different. Moreover accessorizing is considered as a cheaper alternative as compared to buying many costumes.

Practice in advance

You should buy the right amount of makeup. Ensure you do some practice with your makeup before the day.…

Things You Need To Know Before Dating A Girl


When it reaches a time that you need to get a girlfriend, there are many ways of getting one. For instance, will help you get one with ease. However, getting one is not enough. There are many things that you need to know about them to secure a strong relationship. The web has numerous publications written about this although not all information is of help. You will need to filter the ones that can work for you. Below are some of the things you need to know.

Things that you need to know before dating a girl

If she has another relationship

fddfgfdgfdgfdgfdgAs much as it will depend on the kind of relationship you want with your new girlfriend to be, it is crucial for them to be free to give you attention. Getting a girlfriend with other relationships may derail your dreams of having fun, touring places or even having time together. This issue needs to be discussed early at the acquaintance stages.

Her day to day programs

As much as most relationships can still succeed even with different shifts of work, it is good to understand her programs all from the start. It will help you re-program your day to create more time with her. Additionally, it prepares you psychologically for what to expect from your new girlfriend. If you cannot cope with her day’s schedules, then it is prudent to terminate the relationship before the bond gets strong.

Her plans

Every person has some plans for the future. Understanding what hers are is a good way to assess if you can cope with each other, whether you need to change yours or whether you will explore other possibilities. Some people who are looking for serious relationships will find it useful to understand their partner’s plans so that they can both come to a consensus of what is best for both.

Her take on matters that are important to you

gfhfghgfhfghfghNow that you already have a life of your own, there are many things that matter to you. However, the girlfriend may have a different opinion on the same. If their opinion supports your ideas and life at large, then that is a good girlfriend. However, those with different opinions that derail your plan may cause some life challenges. You may need to consider other option other than her.

By knowing more about the above, it places you in a better position to secure a good girlfriend.…

Achieve Your Goals with Online Classes


Online classes might be the future of education. Education should not be just for the few; it should be for everyone. However, many young people cannot afford to go to college. Some cannot even go to high school. It is not only because of financial reasons. Sometimes the reasons are medical or psychological. However, more and more people work full time to support themselves. It isn’t physically possible for them to also go to college or university. This is when the different possibilities learning such as Course Hero online learning platform come into the play. It has a lot to offer the modern student base. If you do some research, you will learn How to get a free Course Hero account by doing a little work, and you can then make use of its vast resources. But let’s look at this new trend first.

It Has to Start Somewheresfgazbfe

At first online learning wasn’t taken seriously at all. It was kind of different from anything else and students and teachers alike were apprehensive. They didn’t know if they would have to pay extra to learn from home or spend more time on studies. Part time degrees have been around for a while, but they normally take at least one more year to complete than other degrees.

Online learning came and swept everyone off their feet. Professors and teachers didn’t have to prepare extra materials. They just had to prepare them for online use too. Students didn’t have to spend twice as much time to finish a degree.

They still had to work hard, because the requirements of good grades were no different than in any other way of studying.

For many people, it opened doors they never thought could be opened at all. They suddenly had an option of studying. Perhaps for the first time in their life they had the same set of opportunities as everyone else.

Benefits of Online Studies

People who were not able to follow a traditional earning module because of physical reasons, such as disabilities. They still might need help, but now they can learn subjects of interest in their own pace. People who didn’t want to be among other people because of anxiety don’t have to worry either. They can still talk to peers who review their assignments; yet, they are spared the anxiety in a social setting.

Another group of people who can now acquire a degree is those who work full time. Perhaps they never had the chance of higher education because of the same reason. It would be virtually impossible for them to stop working to attend a college or a university. Even though the salary is not coming in, the bills still would arrive on their doorstep.

More Positives than Negatives

dhfhtsaOverall online learning opportunities have had a positive impact on people. Teachers and professors also see it as a positive development. They can now learn new ways of teaching. It prompts people to use different skills they didn’t know they could. It also prompts critical thinking while doing peer reviews themselves.

This critical thinking doesn’t always spark in a classroom environment. It is because people tend to shy away from answers they are not so sure about. They tend to be scared to give the professor or teacher the …

The Joy Of Christmas Sweaters


The beauty of Christmas has to be the sweaters we receive from our relatives. Memories are made out of the comments and reaction we get from cousins and outsiders we come across. Most of us remember and cherish our grandmothers for the neat sweaters they made us for Christmas. They did it with so much love that we couldn’t help but thank them profusely.

Though we didn’t know better as kids, we came to appreciate them as we grew older. These days there’s a new twist to the Christmas sweaters we come across. We don’t have to lose or dampen the spirit of Christmas by wearing something you don’t fancy. You can have one designed just to suit your taste. What’s more, you can have a label, logo or writing of some sort imprinted on it. Since Christmas is a season of loving and giving, you can have one made and delivered to someone close to you.

The joy of Christmas sweaters

How they bring joy

No one knows this joy more than our moms, aunties, and grannies. Each of them has their taste, but they have one common goal. To spread and share the love and joy each Christmas.fddgdfgdfgdfgfdg

Christmas can be a really chilly time of the year. It’s no use getting all curled up alone with no special and warm clothing on. Christmas sweaters are knitted with a touch and know exactly how to keep away the chills from the snow and rain.

That’s not all, wearing them makes us unique and stand out from all the rest. Each of them has a unique design, and it’s up to us to choose the one that tickles our fancy. They come in all the best Christmas colors we can think of. When they are all put together, they bring out the much-needed flicker to the moment.

Where to shop for Christmas sweaters

The most exciting part of this is the fact that we can shop for them online. You know what this means, we are in for the greatest deals yet. The discounted prices for the season are just what we need to get us in the jolly mood. Christmas is indeed the season of loving and giving and this is one of the best ways to think of giving.

Christmas sweaters and photos

Another thing about the Christmas sweaters is the cheer they bring especially when taking photos. The thought of these moments keeps us on our toes when it comes to choosing one for ourselves and family members.

Benefits of shopping online for Christmas sweaters

Most of us have had the privilege of shopping online for Christmas sweaters. It just makes us look forward to this jolly season. These are the benefits that make us yearn for it all the more;

  • Unique designs – You don’t have to go through the frustration of catching someone else wearing the same sweater as you.
  • Discounted prices – You get so much more for less. You could use all your Christmas bonuses on these sales. You’ll eternally be grateful that you did because these sweaters never run out of style. As a matter of fact, most designs are introduced through these sales. You’ll get to be the trendsetter in your neighborhood.

Top Benefits Of Merchants Cash Advance To Businesses


Merchants cash advance is a business funding program for business owners whose credit score is not the best, and also they do not have a collateral to secure business loans. It simply works by giving entrepreneurs more leverage to perform business by accessing them to funds against the business credit card. The best merchant cash advance has easy application process and approval. In fact, the only options are usually approved within a day, and you do not need to visit the institution. Some of the benefits of this option include;

Top benefits of merchants cash advance to business

No collateral required

Lack of collateral is one of the greatest challenges most businesses face. Most are locked from accessing normal business loans from commercial banks and other lending institutions due to lack of security for the loan. However merchant advance will never require this. The option involves accessing the business some limited amount on a short term basis to cater for various operations needs where the lender will recover the money from the business credit cards.fdgdgdfgdfg

Credit score does not matter

It is common for businesses to mess their credit scores. This means they will not get loans from lenders who use the credit score ratings as qualification requirements. However, most merchant advance companies do not use the credit score as a qualification requirement. Therefore, this option is very convenient for businesses that have poor credit scores from the previous credit history.

Easy and straightforward process

Merchant loan application is one of the easiest application ones can go through. According to most beneficiaries, the process is straightforward from beginning to the end – which is a few steps anyway. While approving the application, these lenders only consider the credit card returns and how long a business has been in operations. Typically, the minimum credit card returns is a figure that is achievable by most small and medium size businesses.

Quick access to services

Most merchant lenders encourage people to apply online. With just a few clicks and steps, you will be waiting only for a day to get approval. The process is as simple as applying, approvals, and access the money. If not online, the procedure is also simple when done manually to the lender’s institution. Therefore, any business can benefit from this option as long as they have a credit card payment option.fdgdfgdfgfdgdfgfdg

As a business person, it is good to identify a merchant cash advance lender to call upon when the business is in need of money in the course of the month.…

Buying Home Gym Equipment


Spending time in the gym comes with lots of health benefits. You get to maintain a healthy body weight and improve your level of fitness, among many other benefits. As a result, you will be at a lower risk of developing heart problems, diabetes, and high blood pressure, just to mention but a few. An option that you can consider is to subscribe to a gym and stick to the most suitable workout program for you.
Given the types of lifestyle in the current times, subscribing to a public gym may present many challenges. Examples include being too expensive, unhygienic conditions, and time constraints. A much better alternative would be to set up your own gym at home. To do that, you will have to invest in gym equipment. There are a few things, which you will have to consider when buying the gym equipment, such as the ones given below.

Main considerations to make


The amount of money that you will be willing to part with for you to have your own gym at home is the first consideration you should make. Come up with a budget that will act as a buying guide when you start shopping for the equipment. You should find out the approximate prices of all the equipment that you would need, and try to fit them into your budget. If you have a limitation of funds, you may have to sacrifice some of the equipment for you to afford the rest.


You also need to allocate some space in your home where you will store the gym equipment or where you will be conducting your workouts. The amount of space available will determine the type and size of gym equipment that you will buy. If you have limited space, for example, you may have to stick to small gym equipment. Another alternative would be to choose equipment that can be folded to become smaller, or disassembled for storage. Remember to factor in height clearance when considering space.

Equipment type

There are wide varieties of gym equipment that you can choose from. Most of them are designed for specific functions, such as a treadmill for cardio or weights for bodybuilding. You should consider your particular needs and choose pieces of equipment that will help you achieve your workout goals. You may also consider equipment that can allow you to do a variety of exercises.…

Choosing A Real Estate Agent


The process of buying a home is usually quite involving. If you are new in the world or real estate, you are likely to make lots of mistakes. A small error made can end up causing massive financial losses. To eliminate chances of any errors, it is wise to secure the services of a real estate agent. There are many factors which you will have to consider when choosing the agent if you wish to get the best and most suitable for you. A few of those factors are highlighted below.

Main considerations to make


The number of years that the agent has been in business is one a major factor to consider. You should choose someone who has lots of experience. This will work to your advantage as he can use all the knowledge and experience gathered throughout the years to make sure you get a good deal.


The size of the network that a real estate agent has, also matters. Choose someone who has a large network that he can consult and work with to get you the best possible deal. Ideally, it is better to work with an agent who is employed in a big and reputable real estate agency company. This means that he will have the backup and influence of the company working towards your interests.


The location of the agency is another factor to consider. You should work with an agent who you can have access to easily. Working with an agent who is from within the locality also means that he will have a better understanding of the area and is likely to get you what you need within a short time.


tfgvhfcykufdrtfugyuYou will have to pay the real estate agent for the services that he provides. A majority of agents work on a commission basis, though it is possible to negotiate another form of payment that suits you best. Choose a real estate agent that charges fairly for the services offered. The fee should also fit within your budget. However, you should not go for someone who charges extremely cheap. This is because the low price may be an indication of incompetence.


You should choose an agent who has a great personality. You should be able to present all your issues to him without feeling any discomfort or judgment from him. However, make sure that the agent maintains a high level of professionalism.…

Welcome to Alandwilliams

Welcome to

My view of the world, Texas, Dallas, and my yard…in that order.
October 04, 2003

I added some pictures of our fair trip to the gallery. More to come!

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October 03, 2003


If you’re a New York Times online subscriber (it’s free), there are two great editorials in today’s edition. One, by Bob Herbert, details how the house of cards built by the Bush administration is being shaken – domestically and internationally. The other, by Paul Krugman, tells how the White House will “slime and defend” to discredit those who dare to question their policies.

David Kay, the U.S.’s weapons inspector, says he hasn’t found any WMD. Now Bush wants another $600 million to keep looking – that would put the total at almost $1 billion. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the US has now had at least as much time to look for WMD as they gave the UN (probably more). And this after invading the country to look for the damn things with practically unfettered access.

A federal judge ruled that the US cannot seek the death penalty against suspected 9/11 terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui because the government won’t let him interview members of Al qaeda for his defense. I suppose Bush will just have to declare him an enemy combatant and ship him off to Gitmo where the US Constitution doesn’t apply. How convenient.

An interesting article by William Greider suggests that the war has become such a political mess for Bush that he’ll have to just declare victory and send the troops home pretty soon if he stands any chance of being re-elected. Sounds perfectly plausible to me. It’s all about politics now.

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October 02, 2003


“I like the way you do that right thurr.”
– Chingy

With apologies to Chingy, we are probably going to the State “Furr” on Saturday, and I’m sure the weather is going to cooperate. Since I probably won’t be hauling my old butt on any of those freakish midway rides, I might just take my camera and post some pics here. Maybe I can get Kevin to take his instead.

A letter to the paper this morning made me laugh. A woman and her family from Waco decided to go to the fair and were shocked, disappointed and dismayed that there was an extra charge to get into the museums on the fairgrounds. What planet has she been on? They have always had an extra charge for those things, as I recall. Besides, if you’re going to the fair to visit a museum, you’ve kind of missed the whole point – they won’t let you take corny dogs and cotton candy in there! Hello!

By the way, the Budweiser Oktoberfest is not worth it, imo. Yes, you get a small sample of beer at the end, but you have to sit through 30 minutes of what amounts to a Bud commercial before you get any. I think I’ll head over to the wine tasting instead.

Now that I have my DVD burner up and running on the Mac, I was playing around with imovie and it kept crashing when I …