How to deal an emergency at home


An emergency is a situation that needs immediate action to save a life, health or environmental creatures and resources. Whether it is a minor or major incident, you are expected to do the right thing. But what are some common emergencies at home? Do you know how to deal with it? Here are some points to note.

Health condition of the family member

Disoriented, vomiting and having difficulty in breathing is one of the common reasons of emergency at home. It could be a food poisoning. The first thing to do is be calm. If the victim is still conscious, you can call the poisoning unit center to address the problem. But if the person is not aware anymore, contact the 911 directly for immediate action. Be aware of the personal information of the victim. During the interview, note the personal data of the victim; on how the incident happened, the source, the time and symptoms.There are still other medical emergencies like chest pain, bleeding, seizures, shock, and stroke that will test your confidence in dealing emergencies. Your confidence will help the victim give a feeling of assurance.

ambulance 4

Gas Leak

If you smell something unordinary, Call your utility company. Do not attempt to look for the leak or turning on and off the appliances. And do not stay inside the house for safety.

Water flow stops

In some areas, a frozen pipe is a reason for the stoppage flow. Pipes can burst if ignored. But as an immediate action, you shut off the water valve, as well as the electricity near the area. If this case happens, you can contact an emergency plumber to do the task.

Toilet overflows and sewer backup

One of the reasons for this might be sewer drain clog that if ignored, wastewater with million germs can spill the area. This situation is alarming because you are not sure the real cause of the overflow and backup. Call an emergency plumber to fix the problem. Sanitize the area with the sewerage clean up service.



Basement flooding can come from any source of leaks at home. You are on the way to a larger water loss and damage, and if the cause left unfixed, it could further give more problems down the road. It is time to call an emergency plumber and service this time.

Whatever type of emergencies you might encounter, always stay calm and focus and tell yourself that you can handle the situation.